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Guest Selector: Caitlin Baker

I am Caitlin Baker, restaurant manager at Aubergine and I run Womxn of Wine ACT. I have put together some wines that spark memories for me. I hold them all dearly to my heart and I hope that when you drink these you can create memories surrounding them too.

2018 Ancestral made by Claus Preisinger

We drank this one night after our first weeks after Pilot had opened. We sat out the front on the ground, the heat was sweltering. Ross and Dash said we could open something special. Ding – my brain went straight to this. I visited Claus’ winery while in Austria in 2019. A kind and intelligent soul, making wonderful wines. Also, his winery looks like a spaceship. A beautiful, elegant, and lees-driven pet nat. Classy enough for your mum to drink too.

2018 Savagnin Ouillé made by Didier Grappe

This is one of those wines that you stop and drink and it almost floors you. I drank this once at Bar Rochford, sitting on the bar right near the record player. The tunes, the sun setting, the joy of sitting in a buzzing venue, and then this wine… The acidity is complex, but all the green apple and minerality you could need.

2017 Rose de Florette made by Ravensworth

Bryan has been one of those winemakers who has taught me so much. Spending time with him last vintage learning more about winemaking processes and harvest was fascinating. I also love to pick his brain, as he is always up to something. I remember hearing about this wine whilst living overseas I couldn’t wait to try it. Nebbiolo under Flor for 2 years. Rich, exciting rose dreams. One to ponder.

2019 Piccadilly Pinot Noir made by Gentle Folk

For a time in high school, my mother and I lived up in the Piccadilly Valley while I attended school in Adelaide. For me, this wine is like coming home. I used to run through the vineyards (long before I knew wine was a passion of mine) and look out the windows of the workers picking hard in the harvest. This pinot is serious, with that little bit of new oak. But she’s bright and friendly and screams Adelaide hills to me. You could definitely keep her on the shelf for a while.

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    Ancestral made by Claus Preisinger

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    Savagnin Ouillé made by Didier Grappe

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    Rose De Florete made by Ravensworth

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    Piccadilly Pinot Noir made by Gentle Folk

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