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Guest Selector: James Perry

I’m James and I’m a coffee professional based here in Canberra! I work as a Barista at Redbrick Coffee and import super light roasted coffee through my company Bedst Coffee. My number one favourite thing to drink is anything with clean or vibrant acidities!

The following drinks are all ones I found unique by way of processing, concept or flavour. If you’re looking for some whacky stuff, these are some of my favourites!

Organic Table Beer made by Wildflower

I love having a (usually cheap, preferably imported, European) lager in my fridge at all times, and this is like, the nicest possible expression of that type of beer.

Take a simple lager in concept, add some wild acidities and an ever changing flavour profile and you have Wildflower’s Table Beer. It has this lovely citric acidity that goes all peachy as it warms, then opens right up into a passiona, creaming soda vibe closer to room temperature. What a belter!

Beast 007 made by VHS Wines

007 is a big and intense drop that’s incredibly complex and juicy. This one is kinda fizzy on the finish and is full of yellow fruits that reminded me of fuzzy peach and apricot nectar!

I love things that are funky and offbeat, so any wine from the Beast series goes down a treat for me!

Ghost In Ze Bottle made by ValDeCombres

Definitely one of the most ridiculous wines I’ve had in a while. I wasn’t expecting a pet-nat to be as syrupy as this one but it’s just 
so refreshing and moreish and the kind of wine I wish I could drink every Saturday afternoon. It’s surprisingly rich and big on berries and just disappears once you’ve filled your glass. Spooky huh!