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Le Vilain Gris Pétillant


Adelaide Hills, South Australia




Le Vilain Gris Pétillant


Robert Surmann’s vineyard in Totness with 30 y/o vines grown on Black Sandy soil overlying petrified schist, it is V.S.P. Trained and spur pruned. The grapes are destemmed and left to rest for 4 days allowing juice to soak up the flavour, colour and a little tannin from the skins. It is then pressed into a 680L ceramic eggs and fermented for two weeks until there is the perfect amount of sugar to finish in bottle with a good level of spritz. Then it is aged on lees in bottle for five months and then disgorged.

A salmon colour with gentle crystal water flowing over gravel pebbles bubbling over your tongue. It has a delicate palate of fresh strawberries and white peach. Sooo Fun! – Anton Von Klopper (Wine Maker)

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