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MUZ Vermouth


Catalonia, Spain




MUZ Vermouth


Partida Creus is a small traditional winery that produces a very limited quantity of high-end very original wines made with organically grown grapes. The initiative was started in 2007 by a couple of Italian architects from the Piedmont region, Antonella Gerosa and Massimo Marchiori, who, seeking a complete reversal in their lives, relocated to the quiet village of Bonastre. There they refurbished an old agricultural building, converting it into a cellar, a project carried out with recycled materials and solid structures.

1 LITRE bottle. MUZ is a vermouth style, a blend of young red wine, aged red wine and oxidative white wine. Massimo never divulges full details of the aromatics, rumour has it a mixture of 51 botanicals (including citrus skins, flowers, oriental spices, roots and herbs) that macerate in the alcohol for 2 lunar moons. A recipe dating back to 1870. The palate is a sensory overload of bitter herbs and bark with an exotic spice lick. Cocktails, Negronis, over ice with a wedge of orange as an aperitif or served chilled and poured as a digestive- Vivant Selections.

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