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Pack 002: Aussie Classics


Pack 002: Aussie Classics


A coupla Aussie classics for your springtime madness. This pack screams of drinkability, character and energy. Head to the park and crack them open with some mates or hook the high crimes up to the clothes-line and let it work its magic… Not to be taken too seriously.

  • Mates and Lovers made by Brave New Wine – Fresh, energetic, share with mates.
  • Oakbank Shiraz made by Gentle Folk – Laidback, floral, ripe berries, impress at dinner.
  • Gris Diddly Dee made by Good Intentions – Smashable, easy-going, park wine.
  • ‘High Crimes’ Portuguese White Blend made by Delinquente – Dangerously good, tropical, get silly.


Pair with the Coupla Couplas playlist and you will be laughing. Find it here

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