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Pack 003: Park Wines


Pack 003: Park Wines


Perfect for spring picnics in the park with mates. All screw tops for your convenience. Easy going wines that everyone can hook into.

  • Riot Girl made by Brave New Wine – Stone Fruits, Herbaceous, Smashable, A tried and tested Park Wine.
  • Green Room Grenache made by Ochota Barrels – Smooth, Floral, Black Plums, Easy going classic.
  • Pretty Boy made by Delinquente – Clean, Dry, Strawberries, Park wine at its best.
  • Riesling made by MADA – Bright, Energetic, Crunchy Apples, A wine for everyone.


Pair with the Coupla Couplas playlist and you will be laughing. Find it here

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