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Pack 015: Sober Slurps


Pack 015: Sober Slurps


What to drink when you are not drinking! We have a few delicious numbers from non-alcoholic beer to strange love sodas, some refreshing options for when you’re not drinking.

Quiet XPA (4 Pack) made by Heaps Normal – The best non-alco beer on the market. Tropical and citrus aroma with a lingering and unmistakably beery finish.

PS Smoked Lemonade (3 Pack) made by PS Soda – A revelation of a drink. Freshly pressed lemonade that has been smoked by LP’s Quality Meats in Sydney.

2020 Very Mandarin (4 pack) made by Strangelove – To help you reminisce about your primary school lunch bag, more mandarin than the fruit itself.

Bright Oolong Kombucha made by Mailer McGuire – Easy-drinking elixir expresses a vibrant fruity structure and sweetness, reminiscent of a minimal-intervention Viognier. Non-alco drinking at its best.

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