Pack 017: Beach Wines

Lockdowns over and the borders are open! Whip out the esky, grab some servo ice, fill it with these beach wines and get down to the beach. All screw caps and crowns for your convenience.

Pack 017: Beach Wines


Fiano and Fizz

A twist in style from our first Fiano blend. This year we made it naturally fizzy with a big dollop of zibibbo to add a lovely muscaty spiced aroma. There’s something fun and interesting with a petnat, it shows the wine as a living beverage as it has no preservative (SO2). Full of citrus, pear, lychee, and flowers, a wine with a little texture and a lot of drink-ability with its creamy mousse- Brian Martin, Winemaker.

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'High Crimes' Summer Rose (1500ml)

Super limited release from Delinquente. 1.5L of premium quality rose made from mainly Bianco d'Alessano and an added touch of Malvasia and Negro Amaro for structure and brightness. All in the convenience of a completely recyclable and environmentally friendly goon bag. Whats not to love about this one!

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One of our favourites drops every year. Don't confuse this cuvee with some of Southern Italy's finest winemakers, this is a straight up Australian masterclass. Straight Zibbibo left on skins in Anfora for 6 months. Strong floral aromas lead into elderflower and wild honey. It's a complete 'Guzzle' wine that no mortal can resist.

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Pinot Gris

Whole bunch pressed with 12% of the bunches retained for a 30 day period of carbonic maceration. The rest goes for fermentation in steel (63%) and natural fermentation in old French oak (25%). Hamish brings together a creative process of Pinot Gris that leaves you craving more. Juicy pear, light spice and citrus textures are present.


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