Pack 019: The Holiday Party Pack

Drinks to take with you to the holiday party.  Relaxed fun wines to get the party started and keep them going. All are highly drinkable and to be consumed in the least serious of manners.

Pack 019: The Holiday Party Pack


Pétillant Naturel Prosecco

A debut Pet Nat for Hamish at Mada, and it's a boisterous jolly wine made from the Prosecco grape grown in high-country Tumbarumba. Citrus zing to make you sing.

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Fruit Basket

85-Year-old fruit basket block from Springton, Eden Valley. A mix of 9 different varieties, red and white interplanted. We picked the whole block at the end of February. 100% destemmed with multiple ferments, just to highlight more individual characters. Bold, structure, soft tannins, and juicy, this year's Fruit Basket is lit!! - Yetti and the Kokonut.

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Gamay Nuovo

The Gamay is from Robert Surmann’s vineyard in Totness with 30 y/o vines grown on Black Sandy soil overlying petrified schist, it is V.S.P. Trained and spur pruned. The Gamay was carbonically fermented for 5 days in a 2400L wooden barrel then aged in 800L terra cotta eggs.

It’s the warmth from your first crush. Drunken on the streets of Beaujolais, wine lip-sticked and smiling with a lost shoe and a new love. Happiness can always be found in a bottle of Gamay! - Anton Von Klopper (Wine Maker)

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'High Crimes' Arinto & Albarino (1500ml)

A blend of Arinto and Albarino - Iberian whites that just work together. The Arinto maintains it's crisp acidity even after the intense summer heat of the Riverland, bringing whilst always bringing a structured, layered, complex stonefruit and orchard fruit profile. The Albarino benefitted most from the cooler season, really showcasing its bright lemon/grapefruit citrus and mineral characters, and brings a lovely pop to this blend. - Lo-Fi Wines.

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